Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North
launched on October 2, 2011.

Being natives to the area, it was an exciting opportunity for the Millers to plant a church in the Pittsburgh region. A core group of about 25 people met and prayed for months before the launch of the church. But this church finds her roots in a movement of God that started almost 500 miles away...


Beginning in September 1988, the original Harvest Bible Chapel met in a conference room with 18 followers of Jesus Christ who wanted a different kind of church in the Chicago area, a church where Christ would be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth.

By God’s hand, Harvest Bible Chapel has grown into a healthy, functioning fellowship of over 13,000 individuals on six Chicago land campuses.

Though Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North finds her origin in this movement, there is NO direct affiliation or connection with any other Harvest Bible Chapel, including the campuses in Chicago.

Harvest Pittsburgh North is autonomous, self-governing, and completely independent. This church is led solely by her own recognized, installed, and active Elders.