Called to Submit

  1. Submit to the Revealed Character of Jesus (Mk 8:27-30)

  2. Submit to the Perfect Plans of Jesus (Mk 8:31-33)

  3. Submit to the Infinite Worth of Jesus (Mk 8:34-38)
Guest Speaker - Taylor Brown

Guest Speaker - Taylor Brown

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Mark 8:27-38

  1. What are some false views and versions of Jesus that exist in the culture around us and have invaded the church? What false views do you struggle with or tend to fall into that warp your view of Jesus and His call?
  2. Submission is a very unpopular concept but it is woven throughout the Bible as a vital aspect of the Christian life. Why is submission so difficult for all of us and what are some ways as Christians we can strive towards a life of submission?
  3. In Mark 8:31-33 Peter attempts to give Jesus some advice about what Jesus should do and Peter is rebuked for this. In what ways do we tend to mirror Peter by giving God advice and what can we learn from this passage in terms of submitting to the ways of Jesus?
  4. What are some obvious signs that a person is completely surrendered to Jesus and believes He is worthy above all? Is it obvious from your life that Jesus is the highest priority in your life?

Breakout Questions:
Pray for one another.