Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship - John 4:24


The chief purpose of mankind is to glorify God by loving Him with the entire heart, soul, mind and might --Deuteronomy 6:5Isaiah 43:7Matthew 22:37.


All believing men, women and children are to glorify God and thus fulfill the purpose of their existence. 


Worship declares His worth, pays Him homage and celebrates Him in a life of devotion. We seek to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth -- Exodus 15:1-212 Samuel 6:14-16Psalm 5:7John 4:23-24Revelation 4:115:12


Worship glorifies God through adoration -- Psalm 95:6, praise --Psalm 99:5, prayer -- Daniel 6:10-11, thanksgiving (Nehemiah 12:46) and a complete yielding to Him (Romans 12:1).