Do All Dogs Really Go to Heaven? (Q&A Day Blog)

Is killing animals just because you want to a sin?

Just because you want to – does that mean “Just for fun”? It’s sinful. For food, protection, etc, no problem, kill the animals. But people who go kill elephants, lions, whatever – not for food or because they are being attacked by them but because they want to think of themselves as a mighty hunter – I personally just think that’s sinful. Yes, biblically, we have dominion over the earth, but we are stewards of the earth – and killing animals “for the heck of it” is being a bad steward.

I can't find any information on reuniting with a pet in heaven. But God creating everything, I find it hard to believe that there is a different heaven for people and pets. Any insight would be great. Thanks

I get asked this question... a lot. And I get why – I’m a dog lover, and it’s hard to think of heaven without Gordy! But Ecclesiastes 3:21 is the only verse that even mentions the subject, but even at that – the verse is a question, and the context is evaluating the truth that we are all going to die. So it’s hard to build such a doctrine on that one verse.

My son Cade was crying one time, asking if there are “action figures in heaven”. I told him this truth: heaven will have everything that will satisfy you. You will be totally happy and fulfilled.