Q&A Day! The One Question We Didn't Cover.


We ran out of time before we answered all the questions, as usual - but NOT "as usual", we covered all of the questions except ONE! (That's a record.) Here's the last one: 


I believe the question was meant to say "Why didn't". There are at least 3 key points to address:

1 – Yes, Jesus loves everyone, no matter who they are. We strive to follow that example as a church. I do as an individual. Let's affirm that first, that the issue has nothing to do with "does Jesus / HBC / Jeff" love homosexual people. We do. 

2 – Jesus didn't say a single word about it? Well, Jesus didn't give a list of everything that's sinful. The Bible would be ridiculously long and unreadable if that were the case. Nor did Jesus say "rape is sinful" or "sex with an animal is sinful" (but I think we naturally understand both of these are true).

Instead, Jesus cleared the whole marriage and sexuality issue up with one statement: Matthew 19:3-6 – this is God's plan for marriage – nothing else. One man, one woman, one lifetime. (Jesus was quoting Genesis 2:24). 

And 1 & 2 are not incompatible. You can still love someone even if you disagree about something. 

3 – One other thing to address is the point of bring "born this way". Yes, we are all born with a bent to sin – Romans 5:12, Isaiah 53:6. It may differ from person to person, but I agree that these tendencies are things that we are born with. The good news is these are things we don't have to live with. See 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. 

Great question!
If you missed Sunday, be sure to listen to the all of the questions and answers for this fun service HERE!

-Pastor Jeff


Coping with Loss During the Christmas Season - The Ride Home with John and Kathy

John Hall and Kathy Emmons

John Hall and Kathy Emmons

Pastor Jeff Miller was featured on The Ride Home with John & Kathy yesterday. Broadcast over the Pittsburgh airwaves at 101.5 WORD-FM.

Enjoy a 16 minute audio snippet of Jeff's interview where he discusses how to cope with the loss of a family member or friend during the Christmas season. He gives hope  this season for those dealing with the passing of a loved one.

Listen to more of John and Kathy here.

Don't forget to join us and bring everyone you know for a special Christmas Eve Candlelight service in our new Worship Center!

How Do We Know that the Bible is God's Word? Part 1


Elder Mark Ort has been leading a group of eager listeners about God's truth in His inerrant Word of scripture. These truths have been meticulously recorded and passed down through generations like no other book in history!

Below are the notes and audio of the first four weeks to the series that you can listen to and study on your own, as a small group, or family devotionals.

Note: Mark will be finishing up the remaining three lessons in mid-November.

Lesson Notes (PDF):
Introduction (Week 1)


Lesson Notes (PDF):
A Unique Book (Week 2)


Lesson Notes (PDF):
Historical Evidence (Week 3)


MHY September Recap

Russ, Jeff, Darla, Sara

Russ, Jeff, Darla, Sara

On Saturday morning September 16th, members of HBCPN joined together with the goal of painting the dorm rooms of one of MHY's several (cabins/dormitories). Each of the 12 rooms was prepped for painting by removing switch and outlet covers and covering beds with drop cloths and tape as needed. Trim and cutting-in was accomplished and then main wall painting. Our team worked with the maintenance staff and knocked this out in 6 hours.

There was no need for Michelangelo, just willing individuals with servant hearts.

This outreach enabled other members of our church to serve MHY who aren't interested in working directly with kids, but still desire to help out the organization and the kids.

One of the best parts of this service was a sneak peak into what life is like for these kids outside of the evenings we get to spend with them sharing the gospel and playing games. It enabled us to see behind the scenes and where they sleep, what their room and personal quarters are like. As we worked we were praying for each kid while we were painting their room. Their name was posted at the door. Just a nice chance to pray for them and God working in their life as we were serving them.

The other "surprise" was the observation of one of the Bibles that we had previously handed out to the kids. It was on top of their other books and binders. It was just a reminder that we are doing a good work here and helping to share the word of the Lord with these kids. It's encouragement as well to keep on going and not to give up. To continue sharing Christ's love for his kids here at MHY.

Please join me at the next outreach that is scheduled for Thursday October 26th starting at 6PM.

-Russell Howells