Q&A - Questions we didn't get to: what about innocents who are suffering?

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"Faith is cold as ice. Why are little ones born only to suffer for the want of immunity or a bowl of rice? For who would holda price on the heads of the innocent children, if there is some immortal power to control the dice?" How would you respond to someone who thinks this way?

It's the most common question, just phrased more… poetically. Why is there suffering? We are fallen people, we live in a fallen world, our sin and the sin of others has devastating consequences. Yet, we are called to love the world, make a difference. I would ask the person: what are you doing to help alleviate suffering, bless others? I don't mean that in a harsh way, don't get me wrong. I'm just asking: does the pain and suffering of others move you to get involved in reaching out to help?

Somehow mankind's – our – sin causes so much suffering, and oftentimes, we blame God - the one who did the work to save us from ourselves and from His own wrath!

Sin and suffering - that's our fault. Forgiveness and healing - that's God's Work. Alleviating the suffering others go through - that's what God calls His people to do!

Q&A - Questions we didn't get to: Jesus' family tree?


If Joseph is from the line of David, but was not the true/blood father of Jesus, how did Jesus fulfill this prophecy? Was Mary also from the house of David?

Yes. Luke 3 gives the genealogy of Jesus goes backwards in time, from Joseph (Jesus' earthly "father") to Adam (including Abraham and David). And in Matthew 1, the genealogy of Jesus goes forward in time from Abraham to Mary (including David). So David is on both sides!

I guess I could have just said "yes". 

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Q&A - Questions we didn't get to: Did Job make his family an idol?


Why do you think God allowed all the heartache to happen in Job's life. Was it because he put more devotion of family and things before "God Himself"??

See Job 1:6-12 : We see no evidence of that. Satan's accusation said that taking away Job's children and property would cause Job to curse God. But we don't see idolatry in Job's life prompting God to allow Job to be afflicted.