Chocolate Bunnies (Too early?)

Proverbs 4:23 - Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. 

Did you ever get one of those Chocolate Easter Bunnies? You know the one I am talking about.It's about 18 inches tall, but it was bought at the dollar store. (Big red flag!) It looks so good, but you take that first bite (on the ear, of course) to discover it is hollow! 

Sadly, this is the case for many people. Looking good on the outside, no sign of a problem, almost, dare I say, normal. But on the inside: hollow and empty.

Following Christ is a matter of being strong from the inside out - a matter of the condition of the heart. And once we forget that, we are vulnerable to a list of spiritual dangers. For example: 

  • Why do students fall spiritually and morally their first year away from home?
  • Why would a church deacon entertain himself with immoral television or internet material?
  • Why would a pastor have an affair with a woman he is counseling?
  • Why would someone seemingly get tired of following Christ? Why would righteousness become boring?

This all happens when either a Christian completely loses heart, or a non-believer comes to realization that maybe like that bunny, they have looked good on the outside, but have been hollow on the inside. Instead of growing deeper and richer at the center, we grow more shallow and hollow. 

We must not be content to evaluate our walk on externals. God Himself does not do that. He is after the relationship, growing us and changing us from the inside out. 

Can we each pause today and ask ourselves where our heart is with God right this moment? If we are finding ourselves empty, why would we delay in running to the source of filling, to the very One who wants to fill us? 

p.s. - hates those bunnies, but even more, hates being like one