Get Ready for Our Next Sermon Series: The Kingdom of Heaven

You can’t miss it. Throughout the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus over and over kept talking about the kingdom of heaven. “It’s like this, it can be compared to this…” It was the theme of many of His parables. But what is the kingdom of heaven?

We will be immersing ourselves in Jesus’ key teachings on this subject. The sermon series “Jesus Introduces the Church Age” will begin June 10 and run through most of the summer. Why is this such an important series? Because Jesus is describing, in detail, the very day that we live in! We don’t have to wonder what God is up to between the first appearance and the second coming of Christ. Jesus spells it all out!

These are the questions Jesus answered that we will be diving into:

How will people respond to the Gospel?

How do we deal with unbelievers?

How far can this go?

What is it worth?

How will it end?

What is my part in all of this?

The next few blogs will give some context and background to prepare us for this study. I encourage you to be reading these and preparing for this series. You will see the Gospel in a fresh and exciting way as Jesus describes how His Kingdom will advance on the earth until His return!

Join us!