Thoughts from the Elephant Room...

I knew early this week I wanted to make some comments about the Elephant Room the day after the event took place. So here I sit, trying to figure out how to recap wisdom accumulated over lifetimes... and do it in a couple paragraphs. 

It wasn't just food for thought, it was a buffet. I was surprised, however, that the conversations never got really heated. At first, I was a little disappointed, but then I was convicted for being disappointed that there wasn't a degree of discord. 

But taking one giant step back and looking at the whole event, here is the real lesson: we need to talk with people, get to know people, before we judge people. 

Most of what I knew about TD Jakes came from what I heard about him. But to actually hear him speak... honestly, he probably dished out the most heavy-hitting wisdom of anyone at the Elephant Room 2! He affirmed belief in Scripture as the inerrant, inspired Word of God, the Deity of Jesus Christ, and the atonement that comes only through Christ's finished work on the cross. My opinion radically changed about him. All because I got to actually hear from him. Shame on me that I formed an opinion beforehand. 

Real lesson #2: let's think well of people serving the Lord in the first place and not assume anything until we have heard from them. Why is it so easy to disregard those whose methods, scope, and delivery are a little different than ours? 

I am not talking about doctrine. We need to be as serious about the truth as the Lord is. But what I am talking about is throwing every ministry under the bus unless it isn't exactly like ours. Which is perfect. Because I never make any mistakes. Everyone should be just like me. Give me a break. 

Real lesson #3 - someone at the ER said "People tend to act like their leader." I hope, for my sake, that is true. James MacDonald took some heat for holding this event. That blows my mind. The whole premise of the event is to sit down and have honest conversation with those who differ in theology and methodology. Why in the world is that a bad thing?! I don't get it. But despite the heat, James went ahead with the event. For that I applaud him and stand behind him. 

If you missed it, DVDs will be available for sale at Walk in the Word in the not-too-distant future. Get them. And get on board with seeing the body of Christ as a bigger place than my little part of it. 

p.s. - "It is easier to be a critic than a pastor." God help me!