Want to Hear a Joke That Will Both Make You Laugh and Make You Think?

We just finished going through Genesis 3 over the last two weeks, examining how sin came into the world.

One tree, one law, one temptation, one transgression.

Doubt, deny, disobey God’s Word.

Run from God, hide in shame.

Then, when we stand guilty, it’s time to blame blame blame everyone else we know. That’s what Adam did. At this point in history, he only knew 2 others: Eve and God. And he blamed them both for his sin. In Genesis 3:12, Adam said, “it was the woman… whom YOU gave to be with me…” (emphasis mine). Things were fine here, why did you put her here? It’s all her fault, and, well… you put her here. Just sayin’.

This got me thinking of one of my favorite jokes. And you need to think about it, too.

An elderly man is out driving, and his wife was at home watching the news. She called his cell phone and said, “Be careful out there. I know you said you were taking Route 79 home today, and they are showing on the news that this maniac is driving the wrong way on Route 79!”

The man screamed back, “What are you talking about?! There are dozens of people going the wrong way!”

The point is obvious: sometimes everyone else isn’t the problem. Sometimes you are the problem. 

p.s. - is often the problem