Frequently Asked Questions...

This church planting experience has been quite amazing so far... and it just keeps getting better as the Lord brings more people to join our Core Group, send other people our way, and pray for us. 

This is all a "first" for me. I never imagined I would even be a pastor... but a church planter? The Lord brought me into this, so I have no doubt He will make perfect provision and guide us every step of the way. 

There are a few questions that come up repeatedly (some more than others) when I hold Open Houses, lead Core Group meetings, and meet people over coffee. These are great questions, so I thought I would get some answers frontloaded here on the blog. (Blogging is also new to me, so I think that this is allowed.)

Q: Where is the church going to be?

A: This first Harvest Bible Chapel church plant is going to be in the Wexford - Warrendale - Cranberry area. Population growth and accessibility are just two of the reasons our leadership locally and in Chicago have determined to plant here. .

Q: Where is the church going to be?

Didn't I just cover that? Next ques... oh, you mean, like, what building? My bad. I am working on meeting location. Currently our Core Group meetings are held at the home of one of our Core Group members, e-mail me for that info. But as for what building are we meeting in on Sunday mornings when we launch in September...? I have been checking out places already and have some calls out to others. I will let you know when I have something. Pray for this, won't you? I want to be where the Lord would have us, perhaps He will give us a facility!

Q: What about the role of women in the church?

 We encourage women to be involved in every area of ministry the Bible permits! This excludes the roles of pastors and elders which the Bible indicates are roles carried out by men. 

Q: Is this just the start of another denomination? How does this plant fall under the authority of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago?

 First off, we are not a denomination. We are a non-denominational church. Further, we are a local, self governing, independent, autonomous church. Until we have our own elders in place, we are receiving leadership from "Big" Harvest in Chicago. They are gracious in their involvement to help us get going. But even after we have our own elders, we will always be part of the Harvest family of churches all over the world!

Q: Do we really need another church, especially in this area you are planting?

 Do we need another church that boldly proclaims the Word, passionately worships Jesus Christ, cries out to the Lord for His Work to be done through His people, and boldly shares the good news of the Gospel to a lost and dying world? We need a church like that on every corner. 

At Harvest, we seek clarity, simplicity, and urgency in all we do. If your question is not answered on this website or in this blog, e-mail me! You can ask anything!

To God be the Glory!

p.s. - "In God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever." -Psalm 44:8