Biblical Evidence for Spiritual Questions...

What hard evidence (Biblical or otherwise) is there for the following:

*”heaven” as the place where the “true” Christians go immediately after death?

*”hell” as the place where the non-Christians and/or false Christians suffer eternally?

*the current doctrine of the Holy Trinity?

*the soul or mind as separate and distinct from the body, particularly the brain?

The “hard evidence” is Scripture, God’s revealed Word, God’s revelation of Himself - the Bible. Especially with the things asked about here, there is no other source material. No one on earth has seen God. I have never been to heaven or hell. I have never had someone go either place and send me a postcard. The only material we have on any of these things is God’s Word.

So, here are some places to go in the Bible to answer these questions.

1,2 - See Matthew 25:46, Revelation 20. Heaven and hell are described as real and eternal places.

3 - The Bible speaks of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all as God (e.g. John 1:1). Many passages about this, check out “What We Believe >> Our Four Pillars and Doctrine” on our website.

4 - The Bible speaks of death as being a conscious/intelligent state, even though the brain of a deceased person stays in their body after they die.