Who Should Have My Ear?

What pastors/teachers are most in-line with what we believe @ Harvest? Who should we be studying/listening to?

James MacDonald! :) 

That's the short answer. Here's a longer one:

We live in a day where information is EVERYWHERE. Think about it - if you have a “smart phone”, you hold in your hands access to more information than you can cover in 10 lifetimes. And even with Bible teaching, you can get email devotionals, podcasts, and web access to just about every thing every Bible teacher speaks. Spurgeon, Piper, Luther, Calvin, Chan, Driscoll, the guy down the street that has church in the coffee shop… All of them have volumes of information available online (many of whom left the earth generations before ever the smart phone. I know: GASP!). And they aren’t all teaching the Bible. So how do you know who is worth listening to?

Listen to any pastor, even me, with discernment. You should have the Bible open, following along, asking one question: “Is that what the Bible says?” Does the preacher’s message line up with the straightforward message of God’s Word? That’s the question. That’s the issue. Is the preacher echoing the message of the passage in its context?

I like to remind people I am just a megaphone. I don’t make up the message, I am just an instrument to broadcast it. By God’s grace, may I only ever strive to broadcast what He has proclaimed in His Word!

p.s. - has a smart-mouthed phone