Still don't know what all the kiddos mean by a "podcast"?

Did you know that you can have the weekly sermon audio from Harvest pushed to your smart phone automatically each week? Well, that's the basic premise of a podcast. This helps to feed your daily walk with teaching that is Christ-centered from Pastor Jeff Miller, James MacDonald's Walk in the Word, John MacArthur's Grace to You, John Piper's Desiring God, Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk, FamilyLife ministries, and many many more. All of these pouring into you throughout your day, commuting, walking, working out, weeding the flower beds, and even doing the dishes!

You have a few choices on an app to chose and how to add us to start getting the audio free forever!

Apple iPhone: If you like the vast majority of the United States of Apple are rocking an iDevice, then look no further than the following three apps to manage your podcasts, ours specifically.

The Apps: Overcast $0.00  |  Pocket Casts $3.99  |  Apple Podcasts $0.00
How to add HBCPN: Add us via iTunes especially if using Apple Podcasts or add us directly within your app of choice by copying and pasting the podcast feed directly here:

Android (dealers choice here, Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, you name it!): You like to tinker and make you phone work for you, not because some company thought the default setting were the best settings. So choice is a priority, and that you'll have in abundance for android podcast apps to choose from.

The Apps: Pocket Casts $3.99  |  Podcast Addict $0.00  |  Podbean $0.00  |  BeyondPod $0.00  |  ..more!
How to add HBCPN: Add us add us directly within your app of choice by copying and pasting the podcast feed directly here:

Stream our podcast on Google Play Music!

Don't be shy if you can't get this on your own, say hello to me on any given Sunday and I'd be happy to help you add us to your phone. I only berate Jeff as being technically inept, so everyone else will get my utmost attention and love. ;-P

UPDATE! - As of 4/18/16 we are now on Google Play Music Podcasts! Stream our podcast now on Google Play Music.