Why We Made HBCPN Our Church Home

What makes HBCPN a special church in the North Hills?

We would say it is the people. It was apparent the moment we walked into Marshall Middle School the first Sunday we visited. We knew nobody. We only knew of the church by hearing the advertisements on WORD FM while listening to James MacDonald sermons. We had no idea what to expect.

Darren and Sally - Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North Elder

Darren and Sally - Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North Elder

Everybody we encountered was real. We met Erin Miller who only introduced herself as Erin, not Erin, the preacher’s wife. We met Justin who meekly explained the school’s "no coffee in the auditorium” rule when asked if beverages were allowed.

We walked into the auditorium and heard a small band made up of humble players who were glorifying God with their music. We broke out into small groups to pray. We listened to Jeff’s message-right out of the Bible. Jeff's true love for the congregation was apparent from our first conversation with him.

Nothing "over-the-top” dramatic. Nothing extreme. Nothing fancy.

EVERYTHING heart-felt. EVERYTHING sincere. EVERYTHING Biblical.

That is what drew us to become a part of the HBCPN family. People being people. Nothing fake. REAL worship and REAL devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from REAL people.

Furthermore, when Pastor Jeff Miller tells those in attendance at the end of the service, "You are loved!" You can't help but feel a bit warm inside. HBCPN: REAL, AUTHENTIC, SINCERE.

We are excited to experience what and who God brings to our church body in THE NEXT 3!

Darren and Sally Keller

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