Seriously, What's the Big Deal?

We met at our new home last Sunday. The buzz in the air was electric and the Holy Spirit's presence was palpable... because God's Son was glorified. We are so thankful for this amazing provision from God - and may many people come to know Him through this open door for ministry!

So what was so great about it? I mean, we did the same stuff at Marshall Middle School for the last 5 and a half years, what made this so special? We had the same worship leader and the same preacher. Same mission, same pillars, same amazing leaders. It was a great run at Marshall, so what made this new place so different? 

In no particular order, here is what blessed me about Sunday:

  1. Sitting together! Marshall was a great place but it was HUGE. We've struggled for years, trying to "shrink the room" so people are closer together, resulting in more intentional interaction. The size is so much more appropriate for where we are as a church currently. Related to this...
  2. Worship was amazing! I don't just mean personal experience or presentation or talent - that's all been consistent. I just simply mean that it was nice, in a smaller room, to hear all the voices around me praising Jesus. At one point during, I just stopped to listen to everyone else! I imagine I'll be doing that on occasion. What a glorious sound.
  3. Coffee. Guess what we can do in our own space? Have coffee. The smell of coffee before the sound of worship... it was like a tiny taste of heaven.
  4. Ability to focus on people instead of tasks. There was no sense of "hurry up and pack up - we are paying rent by the hour!". Our hospitality team was able to do their main function (loving people) without the pesky distraction of lesser things (packing up cases). They have been so diligent and complaint-free since we launched. I was happy for them to be done with that.
  5. Being close to people while I speak. I didn't feel like people were so far away. The room layout allowed me to look at people's faces. And there is nothing like seeing someone receive the Word of God. 

Anyways, Sunday was a great day for these and countless other reasons. Let's do it again this Sunday! 

Pastor Jeff

-If I was listing 6, I'd just include coffee again.