Cutting Room Floor: What kind of wine did Jesus make out of the water?


This controversial question goes with the sermon “Knowing His Glory”.

There is so much controversy among scholars about what kind of wine Jesus created. Well, obviously, I wasn't there to taste it. All I know is it was the best wine, according to the master of the feast, the headwaiter.

Some scholars say it was just excellent wine, yes it had alcohol in it as all wine does, and

Yes some say it was unfermented, because God wouldn't create something spoiled, that is fermented. –

SO what’s the definitive answer? I really think the debate itself completely misses the point of the passage itself!  

Here’s the point of the text: It was JUST WATER ONE SECOND AGO – now IT'S WINE. And as I pointed out in the sermon, there were many profound reasons that Jesus chose this as His first miracle. Any debate over the alcohol content, pardon the pun, is fruitless.