Mystery Babylon is NYC? More food for thought...

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In the sermon on Revelation 17 (audio link here), we discussed the location of “Mystery Babylon”. While we can’t say for certain, I gave some “food for thought” that many of the signs actually point to New York City as being the place depicted by the prostitute. Child sacrifice (late-term abortion), sexual immorality, the seat of the United Nations, and the giant statue patterned after Ishtar are some of the signs that point to NYC. Here are a couple more things to consider:

1) In Revelation 18, we saw the world-wide “funeral” as men wept over Babylon, knowing that their source of income was now a ghost town. Which city today, if wiped off the map, would be most devastating to the world? Which city would cause so much economic calamity with its demise? I believe there is only one, and that city could be even more important to the world economy in the last days.

2) This is almost surreal, but worship of Baal is becoming more public again! That sounds sooooooo Old Testament, for sure, but did you know there have been two “arches of Baal” built in the last few years… in the USA? One is in Washington DC, and the other is in NYC! Google “Arch of Baal” - even snopes verifies it, for what it’s worth. Not coincidentally, Baal worship is linked with child sacrifice. It is chilling, but the events of Revelation are bearing down on us!

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