Questions from the Congregation - Part 8

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  1. [04:47] - Q: Do you believe we can get signs, messages from loved ones who die? Can we communicate with them? Can mediums?
    A: See Deut 18:9-12 | Matt 6:9 | John 14:13 | Rom 8:26

  2. [07:30] - Q: My fellow Christian family members continue to make statements that loved ones who have passed are now angels or they're guardian angels & are leaving them signs that they are okay and watching over them. I know that humans and angels are distinctly separated & that we don't become angels. How do I respond or am I wrong?
    A: See Rev 14:13 | Heb 13:2

  3. [11:21] - Q: What do the Jehovah's Witnesses reference from the Bible in that they don't take blood products?

  4. [13:55] - Q: Calvinism, Arminianism, or Molinism? What is Harvest's position on these views?
    A: See Deut 30:19 | 2 Cor 5:20 | John 6:37 | Deut 29:29

  5. [21:05] - Q: Why do some preachers only ever preach about God's love and never about His judgement? (Note: Live from the audience question. The question was not captured on the recording, only the answer was.)
    A: See Deut 30:19 | 2 Cor 5:20 | John 6:37 | Deut 29:29

  6. [23:48] - Q: Can you further explain how God mourns and is saddened with us when tragedy occurs in our lives and how He may not command for these things to happen, but allows it because of the sinful world we live in?
    A: See: John 11:35 - Jesus Wept.

  7. [28:12] - Q: Describe the differences between "death", "sheol", "hades" and "the lake of fire". What does Rev 20:14 mean when it says that death and hades were thrown into the lake of fire?
    A: See: Matt 11:23 | Luke 16:19-23

  8. [35:32] - Q: Being in High School I am constantly surrounded by the "do what you think is right" mentality. That being said, how can I be confident in what the Bible says is right and wrong?
    A: See John 7:17 | Judges 21:25

    This question was missed due to time constraints during the service. Pastor Jeff will address this in a blog posting on the website. Check back for a link later.
    Why did Jesus (in the whole New Testament) not say a single word about being gay but he condemned adultery and many other things. Did Jesus love gay people who were born this way?

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