Do Not Harden Your Heart - Part 3

Do not harden your heart.

God’s Word is deadly serious about this. Hardening your heart against God and His ways is the most dangerous thing you can do on this side of eternity.

Previously, we studied from Hebrews 3:

  1. You harden your heart when you test God.
  2. You harden your heart when you see God at work and still won’t get on board.

    How else do you harden your heart?
  3. You harden your heart by going astray (v10)

God looked down on these Israelites, and His assessment was this: They always go astray in their hearts.

What is “going astray”? Quite simply, it’s when you know what you need to do, what’s right to do, and just choose to refuse to do it. This is called sin of omission. The other way is through sin of commission - I know what I am not supposed to do, and I do it anyways.

Sin is a choice. Every time. You have two paths before you, the one you know will honor God, and the one you should avoid.

I shouldn’t be in this relationship, but…

I shouldn’t feed this addiction, but…

I shouldn’t talk like that, but…

Usually after “but” is your excuse to do it. What really goes after “but” should be, “But I am choosing to go astray and harden my heart.”

What is God’s Spirit convincing you about your life right now? In what particular area are you going astray? The great news is God allows U-turns! Make today the day you mortify the flesh, and its excuses, and cease from waywardness. Get back to following the Shepherd! 

The danger of hardening your heart is the longer you put off getting back on track, the more difficult it becomes! Do it now!

p.s. - no excuses