Do Not Harden Your Heart! - Part 4

If you continue to test God, refuse to get on board when you see Him at work, and go astray in your heart, Hebrews 3 tells us you are hardening your heart. Why am I spending all this time talking about this one subject? This is the most dangerous thing you can do!

Hardening your heart will always lead you to a bad place.

Hebrews 3:11 says: As I swore in my wrath, 'They shall not enter my rest.'"

Moses lead the Israelites through the wilderness to take them to the land God promised to give them. Instead of joyfully pressing on by faith, the people complained and doubted God! Their hard-heartedness reached this point: God said, “You’re done. You are not receiving this land. Your children will, but you won’t.” So nobody entered the land until the rebellious generation died out!

I wish the story had a happier ending for them, but it doesn’t. Their persistent rebellion didn’t take them where God wanted them to be. It took them to a sad, miserable end.

And so it goes with hard-heartedness. When you harden your heart (you DID read the last 3 blogs, right?), you aren’t heading anywhere good. No favorable result, no blessing, no joy has ever come from it.

God has provided perfect rest for your soul. It is in the person of Jesus Christ. Are you resting in Him? Are you keeping your eyes toward the ultimate fulfillment of rest: eternity in glory with Christ and His people?

If you have not received Christ, but insist upon hardening your heart, you are not going to win. You are not going to look back someday and say, “Yeah, rejecting God was the right choice. I am in a better place for it.”

Make today the day you cry out: God, forgive me for hardening my heart against you. Only you can change me from the inside out. Because Jesus died for my sins and rose to give me life, I can experience rest now… and for eternity.

p.s. - resting in peace