Plowers Wanted, Full-Time, Every Need Provided, Retirement Plan Is Out of This World

We are in need of plowers. To apply, please respond to this questionnaire by commenting below.

Please select the statement that best describes you:

A - I am going to try plowing for a while. If I don’t like plowing, I’ll quit.

B - I am going to plow for a while. I’ll probably get bored with plowing or tired from plowing, so I don’t mind sticking around watching other people plow.

C - I plow my way. Nobody tells me how to plow, when to plow, or even where to plow. If you don’t plow my way, you’re lame.

D - I already plowed. I put in my time plowing. Let someone else plow for a while. Why do I always have to plow?

E - I think people who plow are stupid. There are much more fun things to do out there than plow.

F - Plowing needs done. I will plow. I will never stop plowing. Plowing is what I am supposed to do, and I find the harder I plow, the more joy I have in plowing.

What determines your answer? The issue ultimately is commitment to the work. Where did we lose our sense of commitment? We are quicker to sign a multi-year deal with a cell phone company or a satellite TV provider than we are to sign on to do eternal work with the King of Kings in His church.

Following Jesus Christ, serving Him with our very lives is not a part time job, a temporary job, a self-centered job, a progressive job, or a self-serving job.

It is a full-time, permanent, Christ-centered partnership to serve Christ.

Jesus said to him, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God." - Luke 9:62

Are you fit for the Kingdom of God? Have you made a “no looking back” commitment?

Then let’s get plowing.

p.s. - no looking back