Why I am Excited About the Elephant Room

I am soooo excited for the Elephant Room!!! I know, I know: some of you are asking, "What is the Elephant Room?"

The Elephant Room is a forum where noted pastors ,with radically different views on theology and methodology in the church can sit down and have bold and open (but in the spirit of love!) conversations. It’s not ecumenical, nor is it a debate, but it is frank discussions on hot topics coming from people on opposite sides of the ministry spectrum!

Round 1 was in March. This is Round 2, and the discussions begin on January 25 from 10:00am - 5:00pm at Pathway Church (239 Braun Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010, www.lifeatpathway.com).

The participants include (to date): TD Jakes, Jack Graham, Steven Furtick, and Crawford Loritts. There are no canned messages. These are the conversations you never thought you would hear! All conversations are moderated byJames MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel and Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church.

There will be 6 discussions at this all day event. Have a topic you want to see brought to the table? Go to the website (it‘s in the last paragraph of this blog) and submit your idea!

So why am I excited? Like you need another reason! But what really pumps me up about this is having these discussions face-to-face. How easy it is to criticize another person’s ministry and beliefs in a blog or from the pulpit! Why not sit down, in person, and not only get clarity, but also stimulate the thinking of everyone listening? Why do we do what we do? Why do we believe what we believe? Am I willing to have these things challenged? The end result is going to be strengthening my own beliefs, thinking outside of my own box, and have greater understanding for those who believe differently, even if I do not agree with them.

For details and to register, go to www.theelephantroom.com . The earlier you sign up, the more inexpensive it is! And lunch is provided on site! So register today. I know I am not going to miss this!

p.s. - There’s not really going to be an actual elephant there, it is only an expression.