HBC Pittsburgh North's Annual Picnic


On August 13th we had our annual church picnic at Old Economy Park in Baden. Though it was raining on and off, it didn't stop us from enjoying the good fellowship with friends, eating delicious food and playing games. The kids seemed to be enjoying themselves too, between running around in the park, having their faces painted and of course pieing Pastor Jeff! Earlier in the year, Mandy Moll from the Children's Ministry had set up a jar to fill with money at church and once it was filled the kids were rewarded the opportunity pie Pastor Jeff. The church picnic was the perfect opportunity for that! The money they raised was used to send charitable gifts such as livestock to families in need through World Vision. (?)

A special thanks to Corrine Miller for organizing this day, those who provided food, helped with the children's activities and everyone who attended.

You are loved! 

At the annual church picnic, Pastor Jeff proved to be a man of his word, and took pies to the face. Song: Who We Are Switchfoot