2 Kings

Don't Delay - Act Now! A Call For Obedience - 2 Kings 7:1-20

Don't Delay - Act Now! A Call For Obedience (2 Kings 7:1-20)

  1. What's the WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? 2 Kings 7:3-5
  2. GOOD NEWS Must be SHARED 2 Kings 7:5-10
  3. TRUST God or Miss the BLESSING 2 Kings 7:16-20

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Small Group Discussion
Discussion Questions:

Don't Delay - Act Now!  

2 Kings 7

  1. Why do you think obedience is so hard?  Why do you think it is so important to God?

  2. Which of the reasons to act now is most convincing/convicting to you?  Why?

  3. Do you have any personal examples of how doubt has wasted time?

Breakout: What specific obedience do you need to act now upon?  Or phrased in reverse, what disobedience do you need to repent of?