Walk Wisely: I'm Offended! Now What?


Proverbs 19:11 - Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

What is NOT "overlooking"?

  1. Getting Even
  2. Holding a Grudge
  3. Slander

How Do I Overlook an Offense? When You Are "Triggered", Ask Yourself:

  1. Is there some Truth here? Then I'm just going to overlook the offense.

    Proverbs 27:6 - Faithful are the wounds of a friend...

    Luke 11:37 - While Jesus was speaking, a Pharisee asked him to dine with him, so he went in and reclined at table.

  2. Is there a chance I Misunderstood what was said? Then I'm just going to overlook the offense.

    1 Corinthians 13:7 - Love... believes all things...

  3. Am I making a big deal out of a Minor issue? Then I'm just going to overlook the offense.

    Philippians 4:5 - Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.

  4. Is this a Lost person just acting like a Lost lost person? Then I'm just going to overlook the offense.

    Luke 23:34 - Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  5. Do I Love the offender? Then I'm just going to overlook the offense.

    Proverbs 10:12 - covers all offenses.

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Small Group Discussion
Read Proverbs 19:11

  1. What was your big “take-away” from this passage / message?

  2. Why do you think people seem so anxious to be offended today?
    On a scale of 1-10, how easily offended are you? (1 = nothing offends me, 10 = everything offends me)

  3. When is it okay to be offended? How do you know when it is appropriate to be offended?

  4. How does being “slow to anger” help you overlook offenses?

  5. How does the forgiveness of Christ motivate you to overlook offenses?

    Bonus: What was the craziest thing you’ve ever heard someone be offended over?

Pray for one another to grow in being slow to anger and quick to overlook offenses. What kind of a church would HBC be if we all lived by Proverbs 19:11?

Walk Wisely: Seduction Destruction.


How to Avoid Destruction by Seduction (Proverbs 6:20-35):

  1. Let God's Word direct you, not your Feelings. (Prov 6:20-24a)
  2. Watch out for Bait. (Prov 6:24b-25)
  3. Consider what it Will Cost you. (Prov 6:26-35).
  1. The consequences are Inevitable. (Prov 6:27-29)
  2. The consequences will get you no Pity. (Prov 6:30-31)
  3. The consequences are foolishly Self-Destructive. (Prov 6:32-35)

Proverbs 4:26 - Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.

Moral Fences:

  1. I will not ride alone in a car with someone from the opposite sex other than my spouse or immediate family member.

  2. I will not counsel the opposite sex alone– in a closed room or more than once.

  3. I speak often and publicly about my affection for my spouse, when s/he is present and when s/he is not.

  4. I will compliment the opposite sex on character, not appearance.

  5. I will give my spouse total access to my cell phone / computer.

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Small Group Discussion
Read Proverbs 6:20-35

  1. What was your big “take-away” from this passage / message?

  2. List the consequences this passage lays out that people will face by getting involved in a wrong relationship.

  3. If the danger is so obvious, and so devastating, why is this temptation so alluring?

  4. What “moral fences” have you implemented to protect yourself?

Is there an inappropriate relationship that you have been flirting with? What do you need to do to repent?

Walk Wisely: Wisdom: Value It, Get It, Use it.

Introduction: (Proverbs 1-3)

Dremel Rotary Tool: This product not intended for use as a dental drill.

Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer: Do not use while sleeping.

Rowenta Iron: Do not iron clothes on body. 

Baby Stroller: Remove child before folding.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush: Do not use for personal hygiene.


How Do I Get Wisdom for My Walk?

  1. You have to go after it Humbly (Prov 1:1-6).
  2. You have to go after it Reverently (Prov 1:7).
  3. You have to go after it Urgently (Prov 2:1-11).
  4. You have to go after it Totally (Prov 3:5-6).

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Small Group Discussion
Read Proverbs 1:1-7, 2:1-11, 3:5-6

  1. Define wisdom. How is wisdom different than knowledge?

  2. What is “the fear of the Lord”? Why must “the fear of the Lord” be your motivation to seek wisdom?

  3. How is wisdom a protection (Prov 2:7-11)? How are you “in danger” (unprotected) when you don’t walk in wisdom?

How much have YOU been seeking wisdom, Monday through Saturday?
In what areas of your life, right now, do you need wisdom? How are you going after it?

I Will Not Fear.


Top 10 Fears in 2017:

  1. Holes
  2. Flying
  3. Germs
  4. Small Spaces
  5. Thunder / Lightning
  6. Dogs
  7. Open / Crowded Spaces
  8. Heights
  9. Snakes
  10. Spiders
  11. Mayonnaise (Bonus)
Acts-Part3_I-Will-NOT-Fear_1400sq art.jpg

What Are You Afraid Of?

Proverbs 28:1 - The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a Lion.

  1. Should I be afraid of my Past? (Romans 8:33-34)

  2. Should I be afraid of anything Today? (2 Timothy 1:7)

  3. Should I be afraid for my Future? (Psalm 118:6, Hebrews 13:6)

Acts 23:11 - The following night the Lord stood by him (Paul) and said, "Take courage..."

Acts 28:15 - On seeing them (Paul's Christian brothers), Paul thanked God and took courage.

Psalm 56:4 - In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid...

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Proverbs 28:1

  1. What were you afraid of as a child? How did you handle it?

  2. What do you think the are biggest fears of people who don’t know the Lord? What do you think are the biggest fears "church people" have?

  3. Do you fear God's judgment on your sin? Why or why not? What does Romans 8:33-34 say about this?

  4. Proverbs 28:1 - Why are the wicked fearful? Why are the righteous "bold as a lion"? What accounts for the fear / boldness?

Breakout Questions:
What is your biggest fear (or temptation to fear) today?
How can the Lord help you overcome that fear?

Wisdom in my Friendships

  • Should I have unbelieving friends?
  • When is it wise to associate with non-Christians?

Case Study #1 Ruth and Naomi Leading Towards the Lord (Ruth 1)

Case Study #2 Lot and Sodom Leading Away from the Lord (Genesis 13-19)

  1. Unwise friendships first Disarm you (Prov 22:24-25)

  2. Unwise friendships ultimately Destroy you (Prov 22:21-22)

Case Study #3

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Small Group Questions ­(Whole Group):
Read Proverbs 13:20

  1. Proverbs 22:24-25 tells us that we become like those with whom we spend time. Why do you think this happens? That is, why do we naturally start to act like the people we are around?
  2. If you realize a friendship is harmful (rebellion against God or “king”), how do you go about getting out of harm’s way? (Proverbs 13:20) Do you dissolve the friendship, spend less time with the friend...? How do you “break that off”?
  3. What specifically would you do as a parent if you discovered your late adolescent or teen child had an unwise friendship (causing them to rebel, etc)?
  4. How can you ensure that you are leading a person to the Lord instead of them leading you away from the Lord? How do you know who is influencing who?

Breakout Questions:

  1. Do you have any friendships that have a negative effect on your walk with Christ? What are you going to do about it in light of the Word of God?
  2. Pray for one another.