The Fight for Hope

How to Fight Against Spiritual Depression (Psalm 42):

  2. Desire and Seek after the LORD

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Small Group Discussion
Read Psalm 42

  1. What stood out to you from the message? What convicted or encouraged you?

  2. According to Psalm 42, how can we find hope in the midst of feeling hopeless?

  3. What does it mean/look like to preach the gospel to yourself on a daily basis? Why is this so important?

  4. Why are we often tempted to act fake around other Christians and pretend like everything is fine? How can we become a more transparent group of believers?

Harvest DNA – Part 2: Unashamed Praise.

Review / Introduction:

"I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation... the delight is incomplete till it is expressed." - C.S. Lewis

Why I Am Compelled to Worship (Psalm 34):

2018-JAN_Harvest DNA_1400sq art.jpg
  1. God has never Disappointed me. (Psalm 34:4-10)
  2. God has taught me how to Live. (Psalm 34:11-16)
  3. God has Comforted me through difficult times. (Psalm 34:17-20)
  4. God has taken away my Guilt. (Psalm 34:21-22)

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Psalm 34 (stand and read aloud; sing a favorite hymn as a group if compelled)

  1. How would you define "worship" to a child? How would you explain to that child the purpose of worship in music at the church?

  2. What are the nuances in the synonyms for worship in Psalm 34:1-3?

    - bless:

    - praise:

    - boast:

    - magnify:

    - exalt:

  3. What would you say to someone who says to you, "I tried trusting God once, and He disappointed me." How can we reconcile this statement with Psalm 34:10?

  4. In church, does the music prepare you for the sermon, or does the sermon help make you a better worshiper? (Note to discussion leader: My <Jeff’s> opinion is the latter, but this isn’t really a dogmatic "right or wrong" issue. It is just meant to think through why we do what we do at HBC.)

  5. What was your big "take-away" from this passage / message?

  6. Bonus: What is your favorite worship song / hymn? What is meaningful to you about that song?

Breakout Questions:

How would you rate yourself as a worshiper? From this text / message, how will you seek to become a more passionate worshiper? 

Celebrating our Great God

  1. Celebrating God is a Daily, Forever thing!

  2. CELEBRATE God Specifically by praising Him for Who He is!

  3. CELEBRATE God Publicly for What He has done!

  4. Faithful Celebration of God is:

    • Intentional

    • Inter-generational

    • Theological

    • Personal

    • Prayerful

  5. COMMIT to celebrating God by Praising Him Verbally!
Guest Speaker - Richie Reeder HBCPE Pastor

Guest Speaker - Richie Reeder HBCPE Pastor

"God is so GREAT that the human mind cannot fathom Him (Isaiah 40:28, Job 5:9; 9:10; 11:7; Romans 11:33; Ephesians 3:8), but the human heart can love Him and tell others how great He is. God’s CHARACTER and God’s awesome WORKS furnish us with more material than we could ever exhaust, and we will have all of eternity to keep learning more!”
– Warren Wiersbe

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Psalm 145

What Do You Celebrate?

  1. If what we celebrate shows what we value, than what is your celebration (or lack thereof) showing about what you value?

  2. What about when I dont' feel like celebrating (praising God)? David had a history with God…what's your history with God? What has he done in your life that you need to be giving Him public praise for?

  3. How does you daily routine incorporate praising God?

30 Observations of who GOD is from Psalm 145:
King, Great, Unsearchable, Mighty, Glorious, Wondrous, Awesome, Good, Famous, Righteous, Gracious, Merciful, Compassionate, Loving, Patient, Steadfast, Powerful, Faithful, Everlasting, Kind, Strong, Provider, Sustainer, Satisfier, Near, Preserver, Listener, Just, Worthy, Eternal…

  1. Which of these characteristics encourages you / strengthens you / means the most to you?
  2. How can this passage change our prayer life?
  3. Take the attributes of God in this passage and do some introspection - Which characteristic of God do you need to ask the Holy Spirit to infuse into you?
  4. Do you agree with the assertion that most Christ followers can improve how we celebrate?

  5. What if your Facebook Wall and Instagram Feed reflected how great your God is, rather than "how great you are?"

Faithful Celebration of God is:

  • Intentional
  • Inter-Generational
  • Theological
  • Personal
  • Prayerful
  1. Which of these themes from Psalm 145 resonated with you the most? Which of these is the most challenging for you?
  2. Name several of the Verbal Phrases and Celebratory Actions from Psalm 145.

David’s Celebratory Actions:
Extol God, Bless His Name, Praise Him Greatly, Commend God’s works to others, Declare God’s mighty acts, Meditate on His majesty &amp; wondrous works, Speak of His might &amp; great deeds, Declare His greatness, Pour forth (or CELEBRATE) the fame His goodness, Sing Aloud of His righteousness, SPEAK of the Kingdom, TELL of His power, Make Known his deeds, Call on Him, Fear Him, Love Him, and SPEAK the praise of the Lord!

  1. Give an example of what it would look like to live out these actions in your life.
  2. How can you effectively COMMEND God’s works to the next generation?

Breakout Questions:
Pray for one another.

Essential Elements of Worship

  1. We Sing and we Witness. (Ps 96:1-3)

  2. Because He is Magnificent and He is Creator. (Ps 96:4-6)

  3. We Acknowledge, we Give and we Tremble. (Ps 96:7-9)

  4. Because He is Sovereign and He is Judge. (Ps 96:10)

  5. We Rejoice and we Celebrate. (Ps 96:11-12)

  6. Because He is Righteous and He is Faithful. (Ps 96:13)

Mark Ort - Elder HBCPN

Mark Ort - Elder HBCPN

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Psalm 96

  1. Why does Harvest Bible Chapel place such an emphasis on high impact worship services?

  2. What is meant by 'ascribe to the Lord'? Why would God want people to recite His attributes?

  3. How are worship and evangelism related? And what steps can you take to share the gospel with more confidence and with more frequency?

  4. What obstacles are holding you back from passionately worshiping the Lord? How can you overcome these obstacles?

Breakout Questions:
Pray for one another.

God is Me!

Five Personal Benefits from the Lord:

  1. PROVISION : I am Content. (Ps 23:1-2)

  2. PATH : I have Direction. (Ps 23:3)

  3. PRESENCE : I have Security. (Ps 23:4)

  4. PEACE : I am Comforted. (Ps 23:5)

  5. PROMISE : I have Hope. (Ps 23:6)

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Psalm 23

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how content are you? What are areas where you struggle? How can you grow in contentment?
  2. Why would the Shepherd lead you into the valley of the shadow of death?

Breakout Questions:

Pray for one another.