Called to Witness

  1. Witness about Jesus In the power of the Spirit. (Acts 1:1-8)

  2. Witness about Jesus In every context. (Acts 1:8)

  3. Witness about Jesus In light of the future. (Acts 1:9-11)
Guest Speaker - Taylor Brown

Guest Speaker - Taylor Brown

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Acts 1:1-11

  1. What are some ways that you have failed trust in the power of the Holy Spirit and quench His promptings instead of following them? What are some steps we can take in order to start obeying the Holy Spirit and allow Him to lead and guide us daily?
  2. What are some ways you can faithful in your context to share the gospel and make disciples? Discusses people in your lives that you feel that God is leading you to share Jesus with and how you can be faithful to this prompting this week.
  3. What has distracted you from fully obeying Jesus’ mission to make disciples? What are some things that God wants to remove or re-position in your life so you can fully obey this call?
  4. Has your understanding of Jesus and what He requires from us changed over the last several weeks? How can this message series not just stop here but continually alter and transform us throughout this year?

Breakout Questions:
Pray for one another.