Marriage: God's Unchanging Plan

Why God Hates Divorce, and Why You Should, Too

  1. Divorce is caused by SIN . (Mk 10:1-5)

  2. Divorce destroys God's WORK . (Mk 10:6-9)

  3. God's Plan for Marriage:

    1. Will never CHANGE . (Mk 10:6a)

    2. Is for a MAN and a WOMAN . (Mk 10:6b)

    3. Is turning TWO people into ONE person. (Mk 10:7-9)

  4. Divorce leads to more SIN . (Mk 10:10-12)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Mark 10:1-12

  1. Why did Jesus say divorce was caused by "hardness of heart" (Mk 10:5)? What does that say about how God views divorce?
  2. Read Deuteronomy 24:1-4. What is the actual command regarding divorce? Why did God make such a commandment?
  3. How would you respond to someone saying to you, "The Bible doesn't say marriage has to be between a man and a woman. If two gay people love each other, why shouldn't they get married?"

Breakout Questions:
Discuss how you can be a more godly spouse. Pray for strong marriages in your group!