God is Sovereign, I Will Not Fear.

Review / Introduction:

God @ Work Through Providence (Miracles that Don't Look Like Miracles at the Time):

  1. God works through unexpected Trials. (Acts 23:12-15)

  2. God works through unexpected People. (Acts 23:16-22)

  3. God works through unexpected Circumstances. (Acts 23:23-35)
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Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Acts 23:12-35

  1. "God works through miracles and providence". What do those terms mean, and what's the difference? Why does it seem God usually chooses to work through providence over just doing a miracle?

  2. Tell of a time you've clearly seen God's provision through His providence. In other words, what was a situation where you looked back and said "God was working the whole time! I see it now!" (like Joseph in Genesis 50:20)

  3. What was your "big take-away" from this passage?

Breakout Questions:

Share a hardship you are experiencing now - how might God be working through this? How is God using this to change YOU?