To The Tolerant Church: Repent

Intro / Review:

Progress Report: Thyatira (Rev 2:18-29):

  1. The COMMENDATION. You're Growing! (Rev 2:19)
  2. The CRITICISM. You Tolerate Jezebel! (Rev 2:14-15)
  3. How to spot a Jezebel

    1. Watch out for someone that says, God ToldMe..."(Rev 2:20)
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    1. Watch out for the person who is starting a Curch within the church. (Rev 2:20)
    2. Watch out for the person who refuses to Repent. (Rev 2:21)
  1. The COMMAND. Hold fast! (Rev 2:24-25)
  2. The CALL. You will Rule with Jesus! (Rev 2:26-29)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Discussion
Read Revelation 2:18-29


  1. What are the signs the church is maturing (Rev 2:19)? How would you evaluate HBCPN?

  2. Review the “red flags” of a Jezebel. Have you ever encountered a Jezebel at a church? How was it handled?

  3. Explain the difference between REGRET, REMORSE, and REPENTANCE. Why are REGRET and REMORSE not the same as Biblical REPENTANCE?


His is a safe place to discuss struggle with sexual sin. What steps have you taken to avoid sexual sin? Do you need to repent of anything (inappropriate relationship, pornography) NOW?

Pray for one another to “hold fast” (Rev 2:25).