Jesus Christ: Delivered Up for Our Trespasses

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4 Truths About Your Sin Diagnosis:

  1. You are a sinner by BIRTH. (Rom 5:12-21)
  2. You are a sinner by CHOICE. (Rom 1:29-31
  3. Sin disqualifies you from HEAVEN. (Rom 3:23)
  4. Jesus was DELIVERED for our sin. (Rom 4:25)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Discussion
Read Romans 4:25

  1. What was your big “take-away”? What stood out to you from this passage / message?

  2. Who really delivered Jesus to die? See Romans 8:32. How does this affect the way you look at the cross?

  3. What are some ways trespasses (sins) are redefined today? Confession time: Tell of a time you’ve made an excuse for something wrong you’ve done.