The Priority of Relationship

Your WALK with God Motivates
Your WORK for God.

  1. Haggai 1:12-15

  2. When we say: I'm not FEELING it.
    Then God says: You will after you OBEY.

  3. Haggai 2:1-3,9

  4. When we say: I miss the GOOD old days.
    Then God says: Your BEST days are ahead

  5. Haggai 2:4-5

  6. When we say: I'm not sure God is WITH ME on this.
    Then God says: I AM and ALWAYS have been.

  7. Haggai 2:6-8

  8. When we say: I'm in over my HEAD .
    Then God says: I'm NOT .

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Haggai 1:12-2:9

Breakout Questions:

Pray for one another.