The Priority of Holiness



Aspects of:

Why I Must Make Holiness a Priority:

  1. Holiness isn't CONTAGIOUS . (Hg 2:10-13)

  2. Holiness is a HEART issue. (Hg 2:14)

  3. Holiness is God's AGENDA. (Hg 2:15-17)

  4. Holiness sees God at WORK. (Hg 2:18-19)

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Parents! Encourage your children to take some notes on the sermon and discuss these questions this week. Make the concepts age appropriate for your children:
Read Haggai 2:10-19

  1. Why do parents discipline their children? Why does God discipline us? How does God discipline us?
  2. In Haggai 2:13-13, God warns that you can’t catch holiness but you can catch unholiness (explain that it is like a disease: you can catch a disease, but you can’t “catch” health). How can being around the wrong people affect us? (1 Corinthians 15:33)