The Church on Display

Guest Speaker - Pastor Robert Huber

The Church on Display

Some things Jesus said . . .

Acts 2:42

"Let the church BE the church!"
When the church is being the church, people will discover:

  1. Authentic RELATIONSHIPS


    John 13:34,35

  2. A "SIRIT and TRUTH" kind of worship
    John 4

  3. BELIEVING prayer
    • Obedience
    • Discipline
    • Ministry
    • Worship

    Prayer as WRESTLING

  4. The LIFE-ALTERING message of the cross
    1 Corinthians 1:18

    The MESSAGE of the cross must be central
    The power of the cross must be EXPERIENCED


Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):

  1. Discuss the organic roots of the church found in the idea that the church is the "gathering of the called out ones."
  2. When observing the popularized evangelical church, what might one assume that church is about?
  3. What church demographics (size, location, income, staff, programs etc.) would be necessary in order to find authentic relationships, a "spirit and truth" kind of worship, believing prayer and the life-altering message of the cross?
  4. Read Acts 2:42 - What are the four marks of the early church?
    Discuss the terms:
    postles Doctrine -
    Fellowship -
    Breaking of Bread -
    Prayer -
  5. Read John 13:34,35 - What is the defining mark of Christ's disciples? Discuss koinonia.
  6. When you think of great worship, what comes to your mind? Read Romans 12:1,2 - what is this "spiritual act of worship?" (NIV) "reasonable service?" (NKJV) "your spiritual worship?" (ESV)
  7. Read Hebrews 13:15,16 - What does the Hebrew writer say about our "good words" and our "good works"?
  8. How important is the message of the cross to the "church being the church"?
  9. Read I Corinthians 1:18. Discuss - Why wouldn't Paul have said that the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but reasonable to those who are being saved?
  10. Discuss, "the message of the cross must be central". What kind of gospel (good news) would we have if the message of the cross were eliminated? How is the power of the cross experienced?

Breakout Questions:
On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your prayer life? (0 being nil and 10 being "without ceasing".)

Describe a time when you "wrestled" in prayer. Can you "wrestle in prayer" over every matter? What kind of need would cause you to "wrestle with God"?

Pray for one another!