The Unstoppable Gospel.


Read: Eccl 1:2-11

God Has a Plan:

  1. For History: It's all about Jesus. (Acts 13:16-25)

  2. For Salvation: It's all about Jesus. (Acts 13:26-37)

  3. And you have a Choice: It's all about Jesus. (Acts 13:38-41)
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Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Acts 13:13-41

  1. Why did Paul start the Gospel message in the Old Testament? What was his point with the history of Israel recap?

  2. To reject the written Word (the Bible), is to reject the Living Word (Jesus), Acts 13:27. Explain what this means and how it plays out in lives today.

  3. Explain Acts 13:39. What does Christ free us from that you "could not be freed by the law of Moses"?

Breakout Questions:

Pray for:

  1. One another
  2. Our church
  3. Our nation