The Power of the Word. - Part 2


Why dying for Jesus is a Glorious Thing:

  1. You experience God's Glory! (Acts 7:54-56)

  2. See 1 Peter 4:13-14

  3. You give the ultimate Witness! (Acts 7:57-58)

  4. See Matt 26:63-64 | Acts 22:20

  5. You go to Heaven! (Acts 7:59)

  6. See 2 Corinthians 5:8 | Philippians 1:23

  7. You get to reflect Jesus! (Acts 7:60)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
Hint: Highlight blanks above for answers!

Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Acts 7:54-60

Icebreaker: Besides Jesus / the Gospel, what or who would you be willing to die for (if anything)?

  1. What is the significance of Jesus standing up in this scene? How does this give YOU confidence?

  2. Would you be ready to die for Christ? Do you think you’d feel differently when the time came? Why or why not?

Breakout Questions:

Be honest: have you ever thought about dying for Christ? Would you take a mission trip to a country hostile towards the Gospel if you believed God called you to? If you are struggling with this willingness to give it all for Jesus, pray about that as a breakout group!