Questions and Answers - Part 5

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  1. [01:32] - Q: Can you do whatever you want to in heaven?
  2. [02:35] - Q: How did we get the Bible we have today (with books, chapters, and verse numbers)?
    A: See Luke 24:44
  3. [06:49] - Q: If infant baptism is not Biblical, what is the justification of so many churches/denominations practicing it? What is the history/origin of the practice?
    A: See Acts 2:37
  4. [13:39] - Q: What’s your favorite cliché that Dan Smith uses?
    A: "Prayerlessness is carelessness!"
    A: "Hell is too long to be wrong, so you better get it right!"
  5. [17:22] - Q: Can Christians lose their Salvation?
    A: No! See: John 10:28-30 and 1 John 2, security (the fact: objective) vs. assurance (the feeling: subjective) 
  6. [21:12] - Q: So if you are supposed to be able to see Jesus in heaven, how can that happen? The bible says that He is so bright you can't look at Him or see Him.
    A: See Rev 1
  7. [21:58] - Q: Please discuss what the Bible says about why women of all ages should dress modestly.
    A: See 1 Tim 2: 9-10, Rom 14:13. Modesty = having regard for others
  8. [26:05] - Q: Other than His birth, what reliable history is out there about the childhood, teen, and younger man years of Jesus? Since much of that isn't in the Bible...I think...
    And if it is not in the Bible, should we assume not to trust it anything else that is out there?
    A: See John 2:11, Luke 2:41
  9. [29:34] - Q: Can you explain the term "ministry" and broad examples of ministries?
    Can I make something that I love, that isn't "churchy," a ministry that is God-honoring and valuable in a Kingdom perspective?
    A: Ministry = service in the name of the Lord with the mindset of advancing His kingdom or glorifying His name.
  10. [33:11] - Q: Can we pray to the Holy Spirit, that is asking for wisdom or discernment, or are we only supposed to direct our prayers to God the Father. And what is the biblical basis for this?
    A: See Matt 6, Luke 11 (Jesus teaches how to pray), John 17 (Jesus praying), John 14:14 (Jesus teaching prayer to God the Father), Rom 8:26 (the Holy Spirit prays with us), John 15:16 (we pray in the name of the Son). No biblical basis to pray to anyone else.

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):

Review and discuss the questions and answers given on Sunday's Q&A day together. Have you found any additional biblical support for the answers given?

Breakout Questions:
Pray for one another.