David: Worship.

Introduction / Review:

Are You a True Worshipper?

John 4:23

Am I a True Worshipper?

  1. Am I all-in with all my Emotions ? (2 Sam 6:12-15)
  2. Does my worship go Vertical and Horizontal? (2 Sam 6:16-19)

    Hebrews 13:15-6

DAVID WORSHIP Basics 1400sq art.jpg
  1. Am I focused Solely on God? (2 Sam 6:20-23)
  2. What to Say When You Are Accused of Worshipping Too Hard.

    1. It was for the Lord, not you. (2 Sam 6:21)
    2. I have Personal reasons to worship so hard (2 Sam 6:21)
    3. It is Impossible to worship too hard. (2 Sam 6:22)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Discussion

Read 2 Samuel 6:12-23

  1. We are to worship in spirit and truth (John 4:23). Where do you think HBC leans - more on the spirit side or the truth side? Where do you lean personally? How can you/HBC move towards being more balanced in spirit and truth?

  2. Why, do you think, we tend to restrain ourselves emotionally in worship? How can you be “all-in” with your emotions (2 Sam 6:14)?

  3. How does God regard our good works (see Hebrews 13:15-16)? How does that motivate you to serve people?

  4. How can you eliminate distractions and focus solely on God in worship (2 Sam 6:21)?


What personal reasons do YOU have to worship the Lord right now! Share - then pray prayers of thanksgiving.