Peter: Restoration.

How do I prove my love for Jesus? (John 21:15-23)

  1. By Caring for his people. (John 21:15-17)
  2. By being Faithful no matter what. (John 21:18-19)
  3. By refusing to Compare myself to others. (John 21:20-23)
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Small Group Discussion

Read John 21:15-23

1 - Though we know we are forgiven in Christ (those who have received Him!), we do we still struggle with guilt from time to time?

2 - Discuss the usage of the words for “love” in the exchange between Jesus and Peter (John 21:15-17). What is the significance? What kind of love does Jesus call us to? What does that look like?

3 - How do we often compare ourselves to other Christians / churches? Why do we do this? How does Jesus’ statement to Peter (John 21:22) address our desire to compare ourselves with others?


What are YOU doing right now to “love Jesus’ people”? What is He calling you to do? What is keeping you from doing it?