Don't Myth Christmas - Part 2

Christmas POP QUIZ:

  1. The "Wise Men" were at the manger scene when Jesus was born. T   |   F
  2. The Bible says there were three Wise Men. T   |   F
  3. The Bible says the Wise Men rode on camels. T   |   F
  4. The Wise Men were kings. T   |   F
  5. The Wise Men were Oriental and Ethiopian. T   |   F


  • HEROD:

Which Character Are You? (Matt 2:1-16)

  1. Herod: I'm King of my Life, not Jesus.
  2. Chief Priests: The King is born? Meh .
  3. Wise Men: I will Worship the king.
Dont Myth 2018.jpg

3 Things to Worship Like the Wise Men:

  1. Pursue Him
  2. Humble yourself before Him
  3. Give to Him

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
Highlight blanks above for answers!

Small Group Discussion
Read Matthew 2:1-16


  1. What surprised you the most about the story of the Wise Men and Herod? What myths have you believed about this account (e.g., there were three of them, they were there right when Jesus was born, etc)?

  2. What is the significance of the gifts given in Matt 2:11? Why is giving a part of worship?


Pray for one another!