In Heaven: The Worshiped One

Intro / Review:

The Throne and the Worship.

  1. On the Throne: The Worshiped one. (Rev 4:2-3)
  2. Around the Throne: The Worshipers. (Rev 4:4-7)
    1. 24 elders
    2. 4 living creatures
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  1. Torwards the Throne: The Worship. (Rev 4:8-11)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Discussion
Read Revelation 4


  1. Of this description of heaven, what surprised you or stuck out to you the most?

  2. How would you respond to someone who says, “I really don’t care for the music part of church, I just come for the sermon.”?

    Don’t give a “Sunday School answer - what would you really say to such a person?

  3. List the reasons God is praised from verses 8-11. Which one of these fires you up the most? Why?

  4. Why is “creation” a subject included in worship in heaven? What does that say about how we should view the doctrine of creation?


Pray for one another to grow as worshipers - on earth as it is in heaven!