Coming Soon: How Should I Feel About God's Judgment?

Intro / Review:

How Should I Feel? (Revelation 10)

How Should I Feel About God's Word? CONFIDENT. (Rev 10:1-7)

How Should I Feel About God's Judgment? BITTERSWEET (Rev 10:8-11)

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Small Group Discussion
Read Revelation 10


  1. What was your big “take-away” from this passage / message?

  2. Why did John even mention that there was a message in the thunders (Rev 10:4) if he wasn’t allowed to record it?

  3. Explain what was illustrated by John eating the scroll (Rev 10:10).

  4. How is judgment both sweet and bitter?

  5. When it comes to judgment, which do you “feel” more - the sweet or the bitter side? Why?


Pray for your heart to really capture the sense of bitterness that comes with judgment, and that you would mourn over, pray for, and witness to the lost in your life.