Baptism 101

A Divine Interruption...

Isaiah 7:14 -
Messiah would be born of a virgin

Isaiah 9:6-7 - There would be a Son called God

Isaiah 35:4-6 - Messiah would perform miracles

Isaiah 40:1-5,9 - Messiah would be preceded by a messenger

Isaiah 49:6 - God’s salvation would reach the ends of the earth

  1. Realize that I am a SINNER (Romans 3:23)

  2. Recognize that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my SIN and rose from the dead to give me eternal LIFE. (1 Corinthians 15:3)

  3. Repent from my sin (Acts 3:19)

  4. Receive Jesus Christ as my LORD and Saviour (Philippians 2:11)
    1. Make it Personal through my profession (Romans 10:9-10)

    2. Take it Public by being baptized (Matthew 28:1-2)

  5. Daily yield my Will, allowing God to work in me and through me (Romans 8:29)
    1. What is baptism?
      Baptism is a Visible, God-Chosen, God- Commanded Response to My Faith

    2. Who is it for?
      It is for people who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Most Common Excuses for Not Getting Baptized

  1. I was baptized as a Baby.

  2. I’d Offend my parents / family.

  3. I need to wait until I am On track spiritually.

  4. I don’t like being in front of People.

  5. I need to Pray about it.
    1. What is its purpose?
      It is the profession of faith.

    2. When should a person be baptized?
      It is to be done immediately upon belief.

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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Acts 8:25-38

Breakout Questions:

Pray for one another.