Crying Out: Shameless Approach

The Power of Impassioned Prayer

  1. DESPERATION makes you cry out. (v46-47)

  2. PERSISTENCE makes you grow. (v48)

  3. Being SPECIFIC brings an answer. (v49-51)

  4. The answer CHANGES your life. (v52)

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Family Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions for Parents to Disciple Their Children! We encourage every parent to have your kids listen and even take a few notes on the sermon today. Use this to discuss the sermon and put it into practice this week:

  1. How do you think Bartimaeus knew it was Jesus passing by?
  2. Why do you think Bartimaeus kept crying out to Jesus, even after people told him to stop? Did Bartimaeus seem to bother Jesus? Do you think that also teachers us that we never bother Jesus when we pray and pray about something?
  3. Let's talk about prayer. Let's list some things that you want to pray about, and how exactly you would like God to answer... and let's pray about them right now!

Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Mark 10:46-52

  1. In what area of prayer do you struggle the most: passionate, specific, or persistent? Why? What are some ways to change that area of weakness?
  2. Why did Jesus ask Bart, "What do you want me to do for you?" What does this tell us about how we should pray?
  3. What do you do when it seems God isn't answering your prayer the way you are asking? How should you respond? How do you usually respond?

Breakout Questions:

Pray for one another to grow in prayer.