Facing Injustice Like Jesus

You Have the Right to a Fair Trial?
10 Laws Broken in the Trial of Jesus:

  1. No trials allowed during FEASTS . (Mk 14:12)

  2. Trials must be PUBLIC . (Mk 14:53)

  3. No trials allowed at NIGHT . (Mk 14:53)

  4. No convictions allowed at NIGHT . (Mk 14:53)

  5. Sanhedrin could investigate an accusation, not INITIATE . (Mk 14:55)

  6. Witnesses had to AGREE . (Mk 14:56, 59)

  7. The judge could not act as PROSECUTOR . (Mk 14:60)

  8. No self-incrimination ALLOWED . (Mk 14:61)

  9. Accused was to have a WITNESS . (Mk 14:63)

  10. No sentences passed without waiting 1 DAY . (Mk 14:64)

Handling Injustice Like Jesus:

  1. When falsely accused, speak NOTHING . (Mk 14:61)

  2. When questioned, speak BOLDLY . (Mk 14:62)

  3. When mistreated, trust GOD . (Mk 14:65)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
Hint: Highlight blanks above with your cursor for answers!

Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Mark 14:53-65

  1. Why did Jesus not answer the false accusations (Mk 14:61a)? What example does this give us when falsely accused? How should we handle it?
  2. Explain the significance of Jesus' answer to the high priest in Mk 14:62. Why did He say that?
  3. BONUS: See how many laws the Jewish leaders violated that your group can remember. (I gave 10 Sunday.)

Breakout Questions:

Has your testimony this week been faithful to the love you have for Jesus Christ in both your words and actions? How? Pray for one another.