Crucified: The Execution of Jesus Christ


The Humiliation of Jesus Christ:

  1. PHYSICALLY beaten. (Mk 15:21-24)

  2. PUBLICLY shamed. (Mk 15:25-28)

  3. PERSISTENTLY mocked. (Mk 15:29-32)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Children's Questions:

Review with your child(ren) what happened to Jesus in this passage. Ask, "Why was Jesus treated like this? Why were the people so mean to Jesus? Why did He agree to die on the cross?" Tell them how God loves them and punished Jesus for all of the wrong things (sin) that we have done. Explain how Jesus took the punishment so we wouldn't have to.

Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Mark 15:21-32

  1. Why do you think so little is mentioned of Jesus’ physical suffering and so much is mentioned of His humiliation/mocking/etc?
  2. Why did Jesus refuse the wine (Mk 15:23)? What is the significance of the refusal?
  3. Why did Pilate write the inscription above Jesus: "The King of the Jews"? Did Pilate believe Jesus was the King, or was there another reason?

Breakout Questions:

Have you been encouraging/exhorting other in their walk with Christ this week? In what circumstances? Pray for one another.