The Loveless Church: Remember

Intro / Review:

"To [church], from Christ (using descriptive phrases from Chapter 1): I know what's going on there. Here is what you are doing well, here is where you need to repent, I am Coming Soon, do this. Heed the Word of the Lord and receive this promise from the Lord!"

The Progress Report:

  1. The Commendation (Rev 2:2-3,6)
    1. Hard Working
    2. Persevering
    3. Discerning
Coming Soon 1400sq art_sm.jpg
  1. The Criticism (Rev 2:4)
  2. Abandoning the love they had at first

  3. The Correction (Rev 2:5)
    1. Remember
    2. Repent
    3. Return
  4. The Call (Rev 2:7)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Discussion

Read Revelation 2:1-7


1. What was the Ephesian church commended for? How is HBC doing in these areas? How could we do better?

2. How do you know when a church has abandoned “the love it had at first” (v4)? What are the signs? What signs would you look for to make sure HBC hasn’t drifted from being motivated by sincere love?

3. When you drift from “the love you had at first” (v4), how do you get back to it? How can an entire church get back to it if the church at large has drifted from “the love it had at first”?

Bonus: The Ephesian church was commended for enduring with good works (v2-3). Yet Jesus said she had to get back to “doing the works she did at first” (v5). What needs to change? In other words, if the church was already doing good works, how can Jesus call the church to getting back to good works?


Pray for one another, your SG, and HBC - that we are always motivated to sincerely love Jesus, each other, and the lost.