The Persecuted Church: Do Not Fear

Intro / Review:

"To [church], from Christ (using descriptive phrases from Chapter 1): I know what's going on there. Here is what you are doing well, here is where you need to repent, I am Coming Soon, do this. Heed the Word of the Lord and receive this promise from the Lord!"

The Progress Report:

  1. The Commendation and Command (Rev 2:9-10)
Coming Soon 1400sq art_sm.jpg

3 Statements to Remind Yourself When You Are Suffering:

  1. God is allowing this for a Reason
  2. God is in control of every Detail
  3. It's going to be Worth It
  1. The Criticism
  2. The Correction
  3. The Call (Rev 2:11)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Discussion

Read Revelation 2:8-11


  1. What do you personally believe about faith and money (Rev 2:9)? Does “victory in Jesus” mean being rich? How can wrong teaching about money and faith bring harm to the church?

  2. Tell of a time you have been comforted knowing that “Jesus knows” what you are going through.

  3. How would you answer someone who asks you: “How do you trust God when a trial doesn’t seem to be ending?”


Pray for the future of HBC, to stand strong when persecution comes.