Depression 101

Some stats about Depression:

Depression defined:

Three categories of Depression:

Category 1: Mild
, biblical example JESUS

Category 2: Moderate, biblical ex. ASAPH (Psalm 73)

Category 3: Severe
, biblical ex. DAVID (Psalm 32)

Five biblical truths about Depression:

  1. Depression is expected in a FALLEN world.

  2. Depression is expected from those that don't know JESUS .

  3. Depression is dispelled by the WORD and WORK of God.

  4. Depression is possible for believers, because we still live in the FLESH.

  5. Depression someday will be HISTORY !

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
Hint: Highlight blanks above for answers!

Small Group Questions (Whole Group):

  1. Why do you think depression is so prevalent? What do you think are the top reasons Christians get depressed?

Read, as a group, Psalms 73 and 32. Discuss: Why were Asaph and David depressed? How did it affect them? What did they do about it? Does the end of each Psalm have a different tone than the beginning? What principles can you pull out of these in dealing with depression in your own life?

Breakout Questions:

Are you dealing with depression, on any level, right now? Why? How can the group pray for you?